Live Edge

One of a kind
wood art pieces

Looking for something one of a kind? Introducing our Live edge worktops, where each worktop is unique and is one off.


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No. 1
156.70cm x 77.50cm x 4.70cm
No. 2
150cm x 68cm x 5.20cm
No. 3
149.60cm x 114cm x 5cm
No. 4
160cm x 87cm x 5.40cm
No. 5
250cm x 94cm x 5cm
No. 6
10% off
£1,575.00 £1,750.00
250cm x 93cm x 6cm
240.20cm x 96cm x 5.40cm
240cm x 109cm x 4.40cm
210cm x 106cm x 5.50cm
No. 11
260cm x 95cm x 5cm
No. 12
200cm x 86cm x 4.60cm
No. 13
220cm x 99cm x 4.50cm
No. 14
220cm x 99cm x 5cm
No. 15
220cm x 95cm x 5.30cm
No. 16
234cm x 91cm x 5cm
No. 17
240cm x 99cm x 5cm
No. 18
220cm x 90cm x 5cm
No. 19
240cm x 95cm x 5cm
No. 20
220cm x 98cm x 4.30cm
No. 21
240cm x 96cm x 5.20cm
No. 22
260cm x 97cm x 5.50cm

Worktops you just missed

No. 10
No. 10
220cm x 93.50cm x 5cm
Sold out
No. 25
No. 25
220cm x 95cm x 4.70cm
Sold out
No. 42
No. 42
251cm x 96cm x 6.70cm
Sold out
No. 43
No. 43
300cm x 102cm x 6cm
Sold out
No. 44
No. 44
268.50cm x 87cm x 7cm
Sold out
No. 46
No. 46
224cm x 105cm x 4.60cm
Sold out

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